The Sidney and Phyllis Krystal Foundation was established to further the work of Cutting the Ties that Bind created by Phyllis Krystal with friends and students over 60 years. 

The Foundation has published relevant writings by Phyllis about the Method, displaying images of the symbols that can be used to secure emotional and spiritual freedom and will continue to do so.

It will offer workshops and be working on humanitarian projects regarding her work with the young people of today and for future generations. We will also help and provide financial support for the education young children both in the UK and abroad.

The Foundation seeks to archive, preserve, catalogue and display the collection of inspiring and spiritual art related to or illustrating the symbols in the CTTTB method which was collected over the years by Sidney and Phyllis and their daughter Sheila.

One Year Anniversary of Phyllis Krystal

( 1914 -2016 )

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With our love to Sheila and Martin, Crystal Ann, Brian, Brittany and Mackenzie Rose.  
And to the many friends and devotees around the world who miss not being able to talk to her directly, but through Phyllis’ teaching and guidance, have been given the tools to know that she is never far away.

We love you always Phyllis.