The Sidney and Phyllis Krystal Foundation was established to further the work of "Cutting the Ties That Bind" created by Phyllis Krystal with friends and students over 60 years.  The Foundation will publish relevant writings by Phyllis and students about the method and display images of the symbols that can be used to secure emotional and spiritual freedom. It will offer workshops and seminars as well as humanitarian projects regarding "Cutting the Ties That Bind" for the young people of today and for future generations. If you desire to reduce your suffering, become free of ego's will and desires and learn to Surrender, Trust and Accept the will of your Higher Consciousness, please look within. Phyllis has two books currently in press!


 A Celebration of Life

Phyllis Krystal's long life was celebrated by family and friends the day before Easter, her favorite holiday. A puja for Lakshmi was performed first at the altar for an old garden statue and a smaller Lakshmi statue that had been in formal pujas in Puttiparthi, India when Sai Baba was still alive in form. Then Phyllis' messages to us were read from her last book The Flight of the Phoenix to Liberation and her granddaughter Crystal shared moving and heartfelt thoughts and memories with us as did Booney Hendriques who cared for Phyllis in her last three years as she moved back to England, the land of her birth. Many people shared happy and moving stories of their experience of Phyllis. 

All 40 guests helped to place Phyllis' ashes under a David Austin Golden Celebration yellow rose bush (yellow roses are for good byes) that Brian, Phyllis' grandson, and his wife Brittany and their new daughter Mackenzie Rose had sent up for the occasion while still bare root a few months ago. Crystal and Martin created an outstanding slide show of Phyllis' life from birth to death which we all enjoyed before feasting in a blooming garden on the one sunny day between the California April showers. We will put the slide show up on the website soon. A sound track of Phyllis and Sidney's favorite music including Pavarotti's rendition of Nessun Dorma and music from CATS and Camelot played through the event. Everyone collaborated to create this wonderful send off and we trust that Phyllis is already hard at work on the other side with Baba helping all those whom she meets. Jai Sai Ram.

A beautiful Alter and Urn for Phyllis

A beautiful Alter and Urn for Phyllis

Rose bush with phyllis's ashes

Rose bush with phyllis's ashes

phyllis's great granddaughter Mackenzie rose

phyllis's great granddaughter Mackenzie rose

Phyllis's daughter sheila krystal speaking at the ceremony

Phyllis's daughter sheila krystal speaking at the ceremony

crystal speaking at the ceremony

crystal speaking at the ceremony

She wanted to help many, She was willing to help many, She needed to help many.

She was given many challenges from an early age.

This brought about wanting change and she got it.

She was strong, influential and revered by many. She never knew it.

Baba came into her life, She was devoted until her last breath. He gave her courage, He guided her to do things that she never thought she could do.

She appeared confident, yet underneath this beauty was a fragile lonely frightened lady, towards the end of her life here on Earth, who did not know how loved she was, and was not sure how to love herself, or truly love others, so she gave time.

She wanted to be free, and her freedom came so late.

Did she make a difference with her teaching and published books? Undoubtedly.

Will her Legacy live on? Unboundedly.

Will she be missed? Every day, undoubtedly, as will her infectious laugh.

Is she at peace now? She has come home to her family, to be close to Sheila, her Grandchildren Crystal and Brian and her Great Granddaughter Mackenzie Rose (who incidentally she met wearing headphones on Skype), sadly not in person, but that just showed how she tried.

This beautiful garden is her last resting place, surrounded by English Roses and the people that love her, she is at peace now.

Farewell my dear friend and teacher.
— Booney Henriques

The Method  

Phyllis spent her life practicing and sharing a method by which we can develop our higher intuitive nature and live freely from that. It is a method of creative visualization in the form of symbols and imagery. If practiced sincerely, it can help us to become authentic and balanced human beings, free of past chains of conditioning and future anxieties.

Symbol Cards

Designed to accompany the books Phyllis Krystal wrote to describe her method, these 15 symbol cards are useful in dealing with the varied situations that arise in one's life. Visualizing the symbols can help us have confidence in the High Consciousness (Hi C) and live from our conscience thereby allowing the human values of truth, right conduct, peace, love and non-violence to manifest in our thoughts, words and actions.



Phyllis' method and books speak to and are most helpful to people who are interested in self inquiry, Higher Consciousness and in decreasing attachments which are barriers to the evolution of consciousness. Phyllis spent her life as an educator and author sharing her method. CTTTB has helped and inspired thousands of people to live from their Hi C.



“I hope the coming year will prove to be a positive one for each and every one of us. My warmest good wishes for the Festive Season."

—Phyllis Krystal

“One of the tools I use in my Coaching Sessions is Phyllis Krystal Techniques. Her work is an invaluable tool that consists of cutting the ties to anyone or anything that bind us.”

—Bindu Dadlani