Phyllis Krystal has published many popular books and workbooks describing the method and how to use the symbols for personal freedom. Phyllis has also written two autobiographical books. The first, "Sai Baba: The Ultimate Experience" describes her spiritual quest and visits with her guru in India. The second autobiography, "The Flight of the Pheonix to Liberation (Our Journey of Inner Transformation)" is now available for purchase and describes the end of her life symbolized by the rise of the Phoenix from its own ashes. In addition, a book of her poems to God and guru, Little Gems from Baba, is now available for purchase through Amazon and Book Baby.



"Little Gems From Baba"

In addition to being an author and therapist and for many, a spiritual teacher, Phyllis Krystal was also a poet. From time to time during her 43 years as a devotee of Sri Sathya Sai Baba in India, love poems to her guru would "come through" her as she would say. She kept track of these poems and in the last few months of her very long life (she lived to be 102 and 8 months having died on December 10th in 2016 near London her birthplace) she compiled them into this sweet illustrated book devoted to Sai Baba. Her love of flowers led her to commission a local artist to render her favorites which can be seen on the page facing each poem. In the Sufi tradition these poems can be read as prayers to guru and God and demonstrate the progress of her spiritual development under Sai's guidance. They are inspirational and clearly demonstrate her love for her guru and her determination to surrender to his will, trusting that every circumstance of her life was for her growth and development as she endeavored to accept and receive the teachings offered in each event. Her well known mantra "Surrender, Trust and Accept" is evidenced in these poems which can inspire us all to do likewise, thus helping us to cut the ties that bind us to maya or the illusory world of the senses and conditioned mind and helping us to let go of the will and desires of the egoic mind.

Most of these 23 poems were inspired by the teachings and aphorisms of Sai Baba and some were written in his  voice.As Phyllis says in her introduction to the book: "For each generation there are profound moments and hopeful words that carry us forward through crisis and in celebration. I hope this little book of poetry will continue to guide, inspire and give you the courage to meet the challenging moments on the spiritual path. As I write this I am 102 years of age, and I can say they have helped me immensely throughout my life." May they guide, inspire and help us all!

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Little Gems from Baba
By Phyllis Krystal

"The Flight of the Phoenix (Our Journey of Inner Transformation)"

The Flight of the Phoenix (Our Journey of Inner Transformation) is Phyllis Krystal's last book, just completed at the end of her 102 years and 8 months of life. In it she describes her experience of arising from the "dark night of the soul" and transcending the old attachments of her egoic personality and following explicitly the demands of her Higher Self or Higher Consciousness (Hi C) as she called it in her work Cutting the Ties That Bind. She likens the flight of the Phoenix from its own ashes to the metamorphosis of the Monarch butterfly from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly and describes the pitfalls along the way. This book is suitable for all those who experience depression, the rigors of aging and the disappointment arising from unmet expectations in life. It will also appeal to those readers who are asking such important questions as what is life for? What is my purpose? Why am I here? How can I find happiness and peace of mind? The Flight of the Phoenix is the final chapter of the autobiographical spiritual journey Phyllis began to describe in Sai Baba: The Ultimate Experience. This last autobiographical book can provide spiritual guidance for those who wish to embark on an inner journey of transformation and it can support the reader in living from the Hi C without the deleterious influences of the conditioned, and often traumatized mind. Phyllis points out that the world itself is going through a similar period of transformation and this global journey and the personal journey are often intertwined. As we raise our personal consciousness, that of humanity will be raised as well. Available to purchase through :

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