Phyllis Krystal was born in Highgate, London in 1914 and educated in England at Bishop Otter College, Chichester and became a teacher. She moved to the United States and lived for many years in California, married Sidney Krystal and raised her family of two daughters, Sheila and Lorna. She began the development of her work "Cutting The Ties That Bind" with many people beginning in the late 1950's. Phyllis later moved to Munich and then Zurich, and finally came back to her roots in Surrey in her native country, England.

Phyllis has been an ardent devotee of Sri Sathya Sai Baba both while he was alive and after He left the body. She tried to follow His teachings to the best of her ability. She has endeavored to surrender, trust and accept God in every aspect of her long life. She leaves behind her daughter Dr. Sheila Krystal, grandchildren Crystal Ann Taylor and Brian Taylor, and new baby great grand daughter Mackenzie Rose Taylor. 

Phyllis Krystal

(1914 - 2016)


Celebration of Life

Phyllis Krystal's long life was celebrated by family and friends the day before Easter, her favorite holiday. A puja for Lakshmi was performed first at the altar for an old garden statue and a smaller Lakshmi statue that had been in formal pujas in Puttiparthi, India when Sai Baba was still alive in form. Then Phyllis' messages to us were read from her last book The Flight of the Phoenix to Liberation and her granddaughter Crystal shared moving and heartfelt thoughts and memories with us. As did Booney Henriques friend of 40 years who looked after Phyllis when she moved back to England, the land of her birth. Many people shared happy and moving stories of their experience of Phyllis. 

All 40 guests helped to place Phyllis' ashes under a David Austin Golden Celebration yellow rose bush (yellow roses are for good byes) that Brian, Phyllis' grandson, and his wife Brittany and their new daughter Mackenzie Rose had sent up for the occasion while still bare root a few months ago. Crystal and Martin created an outstanding slide show of Phyllis' life from birth to death which we all enjoyed before feasting in a blooming garden on the one sunny day between the California April showers. We will put the slide show up on the website soon. A sound track of Phyllis and Sidney's favorite music including Pavarotti's rendition of Nessun Dorma and music from CATS and Camelot played through the event. Everyone collaborated to create this wonderful send off and we trust that Phyllis is already hard at work on the other side with Baba helping all those whom she meets. Jai Sai Ram.

Celebration of Life Ceremony

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