Cutting Ties That Bind Workbook
By Phyllis Krystal

This workbook has been compiled as an aid for those who wish to more effectively use the method presented in the two books "Cutting the Ties That Bind" and "Cutting More Ties That Bind". The Workbook is helpful for people to use individually or with a partner, as well as for therapists working with clients. It acts as an adjunct to the two CTTTB books by outlining the various exercises in a simplified step-by-step format making the exercises very clear and easy for anyone to follow.

This easy-to-use guidebook provides exercises and visualization techniques that can be used to learn how to "cut the ties that bind" us to old situations, old behavior patterns, old habits and attachments to false security objects. When we learn to connect with the Hi C, our real self, we are able to let go of the past and allow ourselves a new and brighter future. This workbook has been used by therapists, groups, and people who are working with the techniques outlined by Phyllis Krystal's CTTTB book and in workshops she presented all over the world.

Symbol Cards

The symbol cards serve as visuals for the descriptions given in the books "Cutting the Ties That Bind" and "Cutting More Ties That Bind". These books explain the Cutting the Ties That Bind (CTTTB) is a visualization method involving the use of symbols. When we visualize and learn to manifest these symbolic techniques in our everyday life, we can experience personal freedom. Thus we can become free from control of inner negative conditioning and outer controlling influences.

These 15 symbol cards are designed to accompany the books Phyllis Krystal wrote to describe the CTTTB method.

All of the symbols can help us to surrender, trust and accept the curriculum we are given in the University of Life. Visualizing them promotes awakening out of suffering and dependence on the outer as we become more and more dependent on the inner truth, consciousness and contentment.

These symbol cards can be used as a tool box by anyone, at any age, to help with the many varied situations that arise in life.